How it Works

Crainstorm is a real-time, crowdsourced brainstorming tool. If you need ideas, you can host a brainstorm. Set a budget, set a date, select your applicants and get new ideas quickly.

Alternatively, you can contribute to brainstorms. Browse upcoming sessions, apply, share your ideas and get paid for it. Here's how it works:

1. Set up a brainstorm

Once you create a Crainstorm profile, you can set up a brainstorm

Click on Host a Brainstorm. Fill out the form with your brainstorm information Provide a description of your brainstorm objective along with relevant background info. If you'd like to give Contributors more info or inspiration, add a reference video, website or files. When setting up your brainstorm, it's helpful to think about whether you want to generate ideas or gather input on an idea or product you already have.

  • Generate Ideas

    Recommended duration: 60 minutes

    The goal here is to collect as many different ideas as possible - the kind of ideas you may not have developed on your own.

    Use this time to explore as much creative territory as possible; stay out of the nitty gritty. Following the brainstorm, the host should be able to evaluate the ideas they gathered in the session and select their favourites to develop further.

    Best for: Coming up with new ideas for a business, a product, a service, an advertising campaign, a book, a movie, a blog, a podcast.

  • Gather Input

    Recommended duration: 30 minutes

    The goal here is to gather input on existing ideas, actions or products - input that you wouldn't be able to collect from your usual network of friends and colleagues.

    Use this time to evaluate your options on the table: present each one and talk through it with contributors. Nitty gritty is helpful when gathering input. Following the brainstorm, the host should have the input they need to move forward with a decision.

    Best for: A/B testing, focus testing a product or idea, testing the validity of an idea, challenging assumptions, gathering unique perspectives, clarifying your own thinking.

Once you've completed the form and clicked the Create Brainstorm button, you'll want to fund the brainstorm with your credit card. This money is held in escrow until your brainstorm is complete. After the brainstorm, Crainstorm will be paid a 25% admin fee and the remainder will be split amongst Contributors.

Keep reading to learn how to hire contributors.